College Code for Students

College Code for Students

  1. The Dean & Principal  with due approval of the College Council shall, before the commencement for each academic year, publish for general information, a programme of lectures, classes, demonstrations and tutorials of each discipline for information before the 15th of June.
    • Ever student is required to attend punctually at the stated hours all lectures classes, clinics, demonstrations or tutorials.
    • The attendance of the student will be marked at the commencements of all classes.
    • Every students must attend 75 percent of the meeting of classes lectures, clinics, demonstrations or tutorials to entitle him to a certificate of attendance as required by the University regulation, provided that no certificate of attendance shall be granted to a student unless he/she has shown satisfactory progress to the authority or authorities responsible for granting the certificate and until he has paid all demand due from him.
    • Failure to attend the required percentage or failure to attend satisfactorily the duty of any classes will cause a student to be debarred from the corresponding examination. Such student will be required to attend satisfactorily a future period according to the subject or subjects in which the attendance and work has not been satisfactory. Under no circumstances shall this rule be relaxed.
    • Every certificate of attendance must be countersigned by the Dean & Principal.
    • It shall be understood that the Dean & Principal in not bound to supply any information as to the number of attendance at lectures, hospital practice or demonstration.
    • On the Professor or teacher entering his class room the student shall rise and remain standing till they are asked to sit or till he takes his seat.
    • No student shall be allowed to leave the class or lecture room without permission of his/her Professor/Teacher or until the class is dismissed.
    • Immediately after the assembly of the class the role shall be called and attendance of each student shall be marked numerically and the absence of each student noted. A student coming late in the class room will be marked absent unless his excuse is accepted by the teacher. Any student misbehaving in the classroom shall at once be reported by the professor to the Dean & Principal, who will take such action in the case as he may deem proper.
    • Every student shall provide himself with all the prescribed text-book and other necessary appliances.
  2. Students of the Clinical years are required to be present in the hospital at such time as are fixed by the Dean & Principal and notified by class routine. They shall not absent themselves during their hours of duty from their hospital duties without the permission of the Dean & Principal, Professor or the Teacher/Medical Officer on duty. Such absence without permission will render a student liable to a fine as prescribed in Rule 4(ix). If the absence amount to more than 25 percent , he will be detained for a further period of study before being allowed to appear for his examination unless the candidate can produce reason satisfactory to the Sambalpur University for this and the University condones the same.


  1. The following are public holidays:
    • Public holidays under the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881.
    • Holidays announced by Executive Order.
  2. Medical College Holidays
    • as detailed by the Dean & Principal in his executive orders leave period of up to one month may be allowed as semester break or otherwise , after due consideration   of the work of the hospital and the period of study required of the student as  laid down in the Sambalpur University Rules.
  3. Any period of leave other than those define in paras (1) and (2) can only be taken by the express previous permission of the Dean & Principal in writing.
  4. In all cases of leave taken will be at the students own risk so far as the percentage of attendances in concerned.
  5. Any student who has duties in the hospital will make arrangement for his duties and will obtain the written permission of the Head of the department/unit in which he is working before an application for leave can be entertained. Any student who applies for extension of leave must have his application countersigned by his parent or guardian.

Dress of Students

Suggestive, provocative clothing is not allowed to be worn in the college campus or college sponsored activities.. Clothing that is judged by the college administration to be disruptive to the orderly functioning of the college and hospital either by virtue of the design or in the manner in which it is worn is also forbidden.

Though college does not impose any strict dress code, but students are advised to adhere to:

  1. Midriff area (front and back) must not be visible at any time, even while seated
  2. Undergarments must not be visible at any time
  3. Cleavage must not be visible at any time
  4. Transparent attire is prohibited.
  5. Headwear is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to hats, visors, bandannas and hoods (Exceptions may be granted based on religious and medical reasons with proper verification)
  6. Sunglasses are not permitted except during outdoor activities
  7. Clothing that displays or symbolizes any language or material that is inappropriate for Institute or offensive to any group is not permitted. This includes, but not limited to, material relating to drugs, alcohol, profanity, obscenity, racism, gang activity and violence.
  8. Jewellery that poses a safety hazard to the student or other students/ patients is not permitted
  9. Sleepwear and sleepwear type clothing are not permitted.
  10. It is must for all the students, interns and postgraduate students to wear white apron with name plate when they are in classroom, practical hall, dissection hall, demonstration room, museum, wards, outpatient departments and other sections of hospital.
  11. Students are expected to wear decent footwear, preferably shoes while attending class, practicals, wards, OPDs and other sections of college and hospital.
  12. Students appearing in ward or practical hall or dissection hall must possess the requisite medical equipments with them .The list which is non-exhaustive includes (1) knee hammer, (2) a note book, (3) a measuring tape, (4) a small pocket torch, (5) stethoscope of simple design, (6) pen and pencil (7) any other article required.
  13. Students with any other dress or without equipments will be sent out of the wards till they appear properly dressed and equipped.
  14. Administrators have the flexibility to exercise their judgment to determine if a student’s attire is considered disruptive or distracting.


  1. Students are forbidden to approach direct or attempt to influence any of his/her authorities in any matter appertaining to the college or hostels or any personal grievances except on a written representation through the Dean & Principal , who will forward it if he considers it desirable.
  2. Every student desirous of addressing the Dean & Principal by letter must do so separately. Joint applications are entirely prohibited and will not receive recognition.
  3. Any student wishing to make a representation on any subject has the right of direct accesses to the Dean & Principal at any time during college hours.
  4. The Dean & Principal, Professors and members of the staff are accessible at any time for consideration of difficulties and grievances of student and will be always pleased to hear them and give them advice.
  5. Students are required to be orderly and quite at all times in the college , and orderly in  the hospital premises. An infringement of the rule shall be treated as a breach of discipline.
  6. For the maintenance of the discipline in the college and hostels, the punishment set forth below may be inflicted:-
    verbal reprimand, written reprimand, extra duty, fine, forfeiture of rents or fees, stoppage of leave , deprivation of scholarships, rustication and expulsion.
  7. Expulsion from the college may be inflicted for offence of a heinous nature  involving disgraceful or dishonorable conduct, or for instigation of discontent and breaches of discipline or cheating or attempting to cheat at any examination.
  8. On the expulsion from a student from the college, his name with as much information as may be available, for his identification, shall be reported to the Director of Medical Education and Training and Police Authorities who shall take steps to prevent him from being admitted into any other Government Medical College.
  9. A student who is rusticated or expelled or whose name is removed from the college roll hall, as soon as he is served the punishment, leave the college and vacate the hostel, if he is a resident of the same in respective of whether he has paid the college or hostel fees in advance or not, and fees and deposits paid by such student shall be forfeited. If such a student does not leave the college or the hostel by the date he is required to do so, he shall be liable to pay such penalties or surcharges as the Dean & Principal may direct for everyday he overstays in violation of the order and shall also be subject to any lawful course of action including employment of such responsible amount of physical force as may be necessary by the Dean & Principal for enforcing his compulsory removal from the college or the attached hostel.
    1. No meeting or demonstration in any way connected with political matter shall be held either in the college or hospital or in the hostel premises.
    2. Meeting of a social or academicals character may be held with the previous written permission of the Dean & Principal. Infringement of this rule will be regarded as a breach of discipline.
  10. Raising of subscriptions from amongst the students in the college or hospital or hostel is absolutely forbidden except with the written permission of the Dean & Principal. . Infringement of this rule will be regarded as a breach of discipline and dealt with according to the seriousness of the offence committed.

Rules For Central College Library

[Amenities: The Central Library is functioning in a 3 storied separate building adjacent to main college building within a layout and floor area of 2523.7 Sq. meter having five Reading Rooms separately for undergraduate, postgraduate and faculties. There is a collection of over 30,000 Text & Reference books with annual subscription of more than 126 International & National Medical Journals. Facility for online browsing of as many as 543 Medical Books and 233 Medical Journals is available .There is one e-library cab with fifty nodes with High Speed Broad Band Internet Connectivity. The Central Library is managed under the sole discretion of the Dean & Principal assisted by the Library Committee members.]

  1. The Library is open from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm on all working days & from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm on 2nd Saturday and Sunday. However, the library remains closed on gazette holidays.
  2. The following shall be entitled to use the library :-
    (a) Members of the Teaching Staff
    (b) Medicals Officers of the Hospital staff (permanent) other then (a)
    (c) Students on the roll of the College.
    (d) Laboratory Assistants, Ministerial Staff etc. (non-medical book)
  3. Signature of readers with time of arrival in the attendance register is mandatory.
  4. Readers are to sit only in their designated areas.
  5. No bag or personal belongings are allowed inside the library; Those articles may be kept in the rack kept in the entrance in their own risk.
  6. Blocking of Seats by keeping books on the table is strictly prohibited. Any book found idle on the table will be displaced by the staff.
  7. The Books in the Reference Section, Journals & Thesis are not issued to any readers but photocopy of the same can be provided on demand.
  8. The Books in the Circulation Section are issued to the students as per the availability of stock which are concerned to their semester/subject on first come first serve basis on production of valid College ID Proof; the same must be returned after completion of the semester concerned failing which fines as deemed will be placed besides barring the student from being issued any further books.
  9. Separate Collection of books is available exclusively for ST&SC students.
  10. All the Readers are to maintain Standard Reading Mannerism manner in the Library to uphold academic atmosphere.
  11. Silence and order must be maintained in the library at all time.
  12. The library campus is smoke free.
  13. All the readers are to take care for cleanliness of the library.
  14. Any inconvenience if experienced should be brought to the notice of the Librarian/Shift in-charge immediately.
  15. Highlighting &   marking on Library books is prohibited.
  16. In case of loss or mutilation of any library books by the   reader he/she has to   replace the book with a latest edition copy of the same book.
  17. No book issued to a reader is transferable.
  18. Gossiping and littering in the library premises is strictly prohibited.
  19. Mobile   phone usage in library is prohibited.
  20. Any person who defaces or otherwise spoils a book shall be liable to pay the cost of replacement and in the event of the books being one of a set or series, the cost of the whole set or series.
  21. During stock-taking, which will be duly notified, all books taken out must be returned.
  22. Any infringement of the rule will be punishable.

Hostel Rules

Room Allotment/Admission
  1. Every student has to stay in the college hostels unless otherwise permitted by the Dean and Principal. A student can only be allowed to stay with parent or guardian when specially applied in writing for the same with due concurrence of parent/guardian and duly permitted for the same.
  2. Seats will be allotted to the students ordinarily before commencement of academic session each year by the Hostel Office. The rooms and hostels allotted by the office shall be strictly based on academic merits of students only.
  3. Rooms in the hostel will be allotted to students by the Dean & Principal, whose orders in this respect will be final.
  4. Fee related to Hostel are reflected in the fee structure
  5. The student has to sign one undertaking and one occupancy note with due countersignature of parent and local guardian before being allowed to stay in the allotted hostel.
  6. Seat allotments of each student must be renewed each year as approved and notified by the Hostel council at the commencement of the academic session. The student does not have the authority to deny change in his seat allotment on any ground.
  7. Residing in the college hostels shall be under the direct control of the warden whose duties are laid down herein under and who is responsible to the Dean & Principal. Under the warden there shall be a number of sub-wardens appointed by the Dean & Principal.


  1. There shall be a warden of hostel of the college appointed by the Dean & Principal to act under his direction. The warden will be assisted by a sub-warden appointed by the Dean & Principal to perform the duties as laid down in the college rules.
    In the Ladies' Hostel the warden shall be assist by the Matron.
  2. The Warden assisted by the sub-warden will be responsible to the Dean & Principal
    1. towards maintenance of order and discipline among the boarders;
    2. to supervise the study of the boarders during the prescribed hours;
    3. to check occasionally the accounts and management and supervise the dietary arrangement of the boarders.
    4. to see that the room and verandahs of the hostel are kept clean and tidy, wall are not disfigured and articles of furniture are not intentionally damaged; a up-keep register must be maintained for each hostel with entry made by the hostel secretary/assistant hostel secretary with due countersignature of the warden/sub-warden at the time of their visit to the hostel.
    5. to see that the boarders are promptly attended to in case of illness;
    6. to maintain a Conduct Register as regard the general conduct and behavior of the inmate in the hostel.
    7. to maintain a sickness register for the sick inmates so as to look for their care with intimation to the parent/guardian.
    8. to maintain a Leave Out register for registry and permission of inmates for leave out from the hostel .
    9. to oversee the essentialities and comfort of the boarders with due assistance of the Hostel Council.
    10. to be responsible for the discipline in the hostel and for reporting to the warden any breach thereof.
    11. to visit the hostel once a week and will personally satisfy himself about the state of affairs of the hostel. Every visit must be registered in all relevant registers of the hostel.
    12. to do such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Dean & Principal .
  3. There shall be one Chairman Of Hostel Council to be nominated by the Dean and Principal. He is responsible for the following duties.
    1. He shall be responsible towards the overall supervision of hostel affairs to work in close coordination with the Dean and Principal and liaison among all the members of the Hostel Council.
    2. He shall convene the meeting of the Hostel Council quarterly and on emergent basis.
    3. The Dean and Principal shall chair all the meeting of the Hostel council.
      The council shall consist of all wardens, sub-wardens, hostel secretaries, Astt.  Hostel secretaries, Matrons, concerned ministerial staff besides special invitees from GED, PHD, PWD wings.
    4. Visit all each of the hostels at least once a month.
    5. Finalize  allotment order for inmates every year for final approval of the Dean.
    6. Consider application for room change and hostel change.
    7. Oversee all kinds of developmental works in the hostels including project preparation.
    8. Deliver all such duties as assigned to him by authorities.


The mess will be private and be managed under the supervision of the sub-warden by the boarders themselves subject to the condition that the management and arrangements of food, etc, are approved by the warden and that no unwholesome is bought into the hostel.


  1. No student is allowed to be absent unauthorisedly from the hostel on any count during 9pm to 6am ordinarily and at any other time as ordered by authorities. He/she must apply for Leave out with due entries in the Leave Out register of the hostel available with the Hostel Secretary with due immediate intimation to the warden/sub-warden.
  2. Any student absent without leave during prohibited hours will be reported by the secretary/assistant secretary/sub- warden/warden for punishment.
  3. Except for the purpose of attending college lectures, college functions hospital duties no boarder shall be absent from the hostel during the night after 08.00 PM and for more than three hours during the day, without the previous permission of the warden, or in his absence, of the sub-warden. In the letter case the sub-warden shall bring the matter to the notice of the warden as soon as possible.
  4. Boarders proceeding on leave or returning from absence on leave should report the fact in writing to the Dean & Principal through the warden.
  5. Hours between 08.00 PM to 11.00 PM are fixed for study and no boarders shall in any way disturbed others in their study.
  6. Meeting on politics in the hostel are strictly forbidden.
  7. (a) Boarders shall in all cases obtain the permission of the Dean & Principal before joining or taking part in any association, meeting or ceremony outside the hostel or college as per General College Rules.
    (b) All movement set on foot by the student either for calling meetings circulating notices or raising subscription, etc, must receive the previous sanction of the Dean & Principal as required under the rules.
  8. The student shall not hold any meeting in the hostel without the written permission of the Dean & Principal. All application for permission to hold any meeting in the hostel must pass through the warden. A breach of this rule will render the student liable to serve punishment.
  9. The student shall not abstract any officers or menial employed in the hostel in the discharge of his duties.
  10. The introduction in the hostel of objectionable reading matter or of obscene picture and the like shall be regarded as heinous offence.
  11. The following also shall be regarded as breaches of discipline :- 
    (a) neglect the study in the fixed hours (except on Sundays and other important holidays).
    (b) want of cleanliness and tidiness,
    (c) spitting about the rooms and verandahs,
    (d) singing and playing on any musical instrument during study hours and after lights are put out without the consent of the warden.
    (e) bringing intoxicant liquors or during into the hostel/
    (f) writing on or in any way disfiguring the walls, doors or windows of the building intentionally damaging the article or furniture, and
    (g) misconduct of any other description.
  12. In case of serious misconduct or on any breach of discipline, defined in these rule, the name of the offenders shall be entered in the conduct register stating briefly the nature of the offence. The register shall be regularly inspected by the Dean & Principal and repeated entries of the habitual misconduct shall render boarder liable to be expelled, under the order of the Dean & Principal. Gross misconduct on the part of a boarders shall, however, be dealt with promptly with by the Dean & Principal.
  13. Compensation for any damage to or destruction or removal of Government Property of fitting inside the hostel shall be charged from the student or student who is responsible for the same. In case the responsible cannot adequate be fixed on any particular individual, or individuals, inmates of the room or of the block in which the damage, destruction or removal took place will be collective liable for the compensation. The Dean & Principal shall pass orders accordingly which shall be final.
  14. Men student shall not visit into the hostel interiors of Ladies Hostels. A breach of the rule in this respect will render the offender liable to severe punishment.
  15. The common should not be used for study or for any other purpose than for which they are meant except with the special permission from the warden.
  16. No vendors will be allowed into the hostel campus without permission from authorities.
  17. (a) No outsider even the Guardian will be allowed to sleep or reside in the hostel or to take their meals in the hostel messes.
    (b) Any one staying in the hostel without the written permission of the Dean & Principal or warden will be treated as a trespasser and will be dealt with under the law in force. The student giving shelter to such person shall be liable to severe punishment.

Special Rules for Boarders of Ladies Hostel

  1. They are allowed to meet their local guardians and parents during the visiting hour i.e. 4 pm to 6pm in the visiting room only. After 6 pm no visitors will be allowed in ordinary circumstances.
  2. In any case they are not allowed to meet the boy students of this college near the ladies hostel campus, even if he happens to be her relative.
  3. During the class hours they are advised to go to the college and return directly to the hostel without stopping anywhere on the way.
  4. They are not allowed to stay outside the hostel between 6 pm to 6 am (October – February) and 6.30 pm to 5.30 am (March-September) except for purpose of study or duty or college function.
    They are not allowed to leave the hostel ordinarily. If necessary, they can go to market for a maximum of 2 hours for purchasing some required things after properly entering into the register of temporary absence available with the security guards at the Hostel gate. In any case they must return to the hostel by 6 p.m. (October – February) and 6.30 p.m. (March – September).
  5. There shall be registers for record of Leave out, sickness, up-keep and conduct maintained up to date by the Hostel secretary and duly checked and countersigned by Warden/sub-warden during his/her visit to the hostel.