Each hostel is equipped with a mess with kitchen facility, TV room, Common room, Reading Room besides common toilet facility; each room is furnished with study table, rack and a cot.

The mess runs on outsourcing basis with supervision and monitoring by hostel secretary and the warden and sub-warden. The mess dues are directly payable to the mess manager.

Each hostel is under the responsibility and supervision of one warden and one sub-warden chosen from amongst the college faculty. There is one Hostel secretary and one asst hostel secretary nominated from the boarders of the hostel .

Sanitation and Security services are provided for the hostels.

Name of HouseRoomsRoom SeatsCapacity
Gents' Hostel   16632×3 + 34×1130
Gents' Hostel   26632×3 + 34×1130
Gents' Hostel   36632×3 + 34×1130
Gents' Hostel   42625×3 + 1×176
Gents' Hostel   52727×4108
Gents' Hostel   62424×496
Ladies' Hostel   16632×3 + 34×1130
Ladies' Hostel   27575×2150
Ladies' Hostel   33333×399
Resident Doctors' Hostel5454×3162
First Gents' Hostel
WardenProf. Dr. M.K. Mahapatra, Medicine9437058991
Sub-WardenDr. Ayaskant Kar, Medicine9437311118
Second Gents' Hostel
WardenDr. S.C. Panda, Community Medicine9437257857
Sub-WardenDr. S.C. Majhi, Pediatrics9861033957
Third Gents' Hostel
WardenProf. M.K. Mandal, Biochemistry9437080136
Sub-WardenDr. U.K. Das, Biochemistry9437163607
Fourth Gents' Hostel
WardenDr. B.G. Rath, Pharmacology9437055123
Sub-WardenDr. K.C. Purohit, Physiology9861222626
First Ladies' Hostel
WardenDr. Malati Murmu, Medicine9437683757
Sub-WardenDr. Sharmila Pradhan, OG9861163968
Second Ladies' Hostel
WardenDr. Sabitri Bhagat, Radiodiagnosis--
Sub-WardenDr. L.V. Gouri, General Surgery9437262259
Third Ladies' Hostel
WardenDr. S. Acharya, ENT9437222414
Sub-WardenDr. O. Patel, OG9937103805
Residents' Hostel
WardenDr. B.M. Mishra, General Surgery9437050270
Sub-WardenDr. A.K. Nayak, General Surgery9437348080
First HostelSecretaryMr. Prabhakar Tripathy9658179314
Asst. SecretaryMr. Tapas Sahu8895457622
Second HostelSecretaryMr. Dinesh Sahoo9090323707
Asst. SecretaryMr. Nilendu Jena8895140986
Third HostelSecretaryMr. Sarada Prasanna Jena7873672942
Asst. SecretaryMr. Pritish Narayan Sahu9776665328
Fourth HostelSecretaryMr. Satyabrata Sahu9658179314
Asst. SecretaryMr. Kapileswar Swain8018174608