The Crest

The Crest

  1. The Outer Circle:

    Outer Circle of the logo symbolizes eternity , totality , infinity , lifelong learning , self actualization and the cycle of life.

  2. The Three Lions :

    Three lions represent three significant qualities of a leader i.e. strength , determination and courage.

  3. The Shield:

    The shield is an escutcheon that represents the lnstitute’s aim of protecting mankind from ill health and infirmity.

  4. The Wheel:

    The wheel is the wheel of innovations and research in human health expanding into the frontiers of both improbabilist and impossibilist creativity.

  5. The Spokes:

    The spokes of the wheel represent connectivity, coordination and interwoven relationship among different stakeholders of medicine.

  6. The Wings:

    Wings are epitome of freedom professionalism, innovation and progress. The year of inception of the Institution i.e. 1959 are inscribed upon it.

  7. The Snake and The Staff :

    The intertwined snakes around the staff are ancient symbol of healing power and Medicine.

  8. The Scripture with Flying Folio:

    The scripture with flying folio represents spectrum of disciplines pertaining to medicine, nursing, pharmacy and other allied and evolving branches of health care sciences.

  9. The Motto:

    Motto of Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research [VIMSAR] is “सदयं हृदयं परहिते नित्यम “[ to serve others always with a kind heart] . This idea has been developed from a Sanskrit sloka “सदयं हृदयं यस्य भाषितं सत्याभूषितम | काय: परहिते यस्य कालिस्तस्य करोति किम || “ meaning ” what harm can Kalipurusha do to him whose heart is full of kindness, whose speech is adorned with truth and whose body is for the good of others ?”

CONCEPT: Dr.Sadhu Charan Panda, Associate Professor,Community Medicine, Dr.Prakash Chandra Panda,Associate Professor,Paediatrics

Art: Mr.Sambit Panda, Master, Fine Arts

Graphics: Mr.Kishore Gardia