Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions on Whole Body Donation

A: It is the unique contribution of a person for advancement of medicine and provides students & researchers a great opportunity to study the humane body.
A: With dignity, respect and animosity is maintained during and after anatomical study.
A: Everyone, including persons unfit for Organ donation can also donate body.
A: Prescribed format can be collected on request from the department during the working hours. After compilation of the documents the willing person can register for donation to that specific institute.
A: After the death, the next of Kin/legal heirs should inform the H.O.D, Anatomy/ Principal & Dean of the concerned Medical College, where the diseased was registered as Donor.
A: After anatomical dissection and study have been completed, body parts will be cremated / incinerated collectively irrespective of cast or religion. No asthis can be provided to any relation.
A: Yes. Next of kin/legal heirs/close relatives have to submit the affidavit for having no objection to donate the body of the diseased. The registered donated / Non registered body should be accompanied with the cause of death certificate (original) issued by Hospital/Registered Nursing Home /Regd. Medical Practitioner.