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Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,
Govt. of
Director, Medical Education & Training,
VSS Medical
National Anti-ragging Monitoring
VIMSAR has been enlisted by UGC in the state university list of Odisha


2018/08/16Senior Resident/Tutor Recruitment 2018(1)2018-08-16 06:50:21
2017/10/21Senior Resident/Tutor Recruitment 2017(2)2017-10-21 06:46:46
2017/04/11Postponement of Document Verification of Faculty Selection 2016-17[1A]2017-04-11 09:25:08
2017/03/29Faculty Selection VIMSAR-F-2016-17[1A]2017-03-29 09:25:44
2017/03/09Senior Resident/Tutor Recruitment 2017(1)2017-03-09 06:44:49
2016/10/04Recruitment for ICMR Project,VIMSAR2016-10-04 09:33:18
2016/09/19Provisional Merit List of​ ​ SR​-​TR/VIMSAR – 2016 (​2​)2016-09-19 09:34:57
2016/08/18Advertisement for Senior Resident/ Tutor – 2016(2)2016-08-18 09:36:18
2016/03/01Veterinary doctors recruitment2016-03-01 06:36:00
2016/02/06Provisional Merit List of​ ​ SRTR/VIMSAR – 2016 (1)2016-02-06 10:11:28
2016/01/27Recruitment of Senior Resident & Tutor 2016(1)2016-01-27 06:27:58
2016/01/13Corrigendum senior resident/ tutor – 2016(1)2016-01-13 06:29:20
2015/08/19Provisional Merit List For SR-TR/Vimsar-2015(2)2015-08-19 06:26:45
2015/05/27Provisional Merit List Senior Resident/Tutor Selection ADVT. NO- SRTR/VIMSAR-20152015-05-27 10:15:59
2015/05/15Senior Resident/Tutor Recruitment 2015(1)2015-05-15 06:22:29
2014/08/27Advertisement For Senior Resident / Tutor2014-08-27 06:19:17

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions on Whole Body Donation

A: It is the unique contribution of a person for advancement of medicine and provides students & researchers a great opportunity to study the humane body.
A: With dignity, respect and animosity is maintained during and after anatomical study.
A: Everyone, including persons unfit for Organ donation can also donate body.
A: Prescribed format can be collected on request from the department during the working hours. After compilation of the documents the willing person can register for donation to that specific institute.
A: After the death, the next of Kin/legal heirs should inform the H.O.D, Anatomy/ Principal & Dean of the concerned Medical College, where the diseased was registered as Donor.
A: After anatomical dissection and study have been completed, body parts will be cremated / incinerated collectively irrespective of cast or religion. No asthis can be provided to any relation.
A: Yes. Next of kin/legal heirs/close relatives have to submit the affidavit for having no objection to donate the body of the diseased. The registered donated / Non registered body should be accompanied with the cause of death certificate (original) issued by Hospital/Registered Nursing Home /Regd. Medical Practitioner.



Sl.EventDateTopicSpeakerParticipantsCredit Hour
1CME26-05-2018RISE and DAKSHYATA   : New Initiatives in public health in India.Dr. Himanshu Sahu. JHPAIGO
Dr. Harsh Vardhan Nayak
John Snow India
Postgraduates and faculty from CM, Pathology , Microbiology, pediatrics.---
2Monthly Integrated Institute 
28-05-2018Labour,Labour Pain and Painless LabourDr. Leena Baru(OG)
Dr. Ojaswini Patel(OG)
Dr. S Perei(FMT)
Dr BN Nayak(Psychiatry)
Dr. PK Palei(Anaesthesiology)
All faculty and Postgraduates--
3CME27-05-2018Infection Control and sanitation in ICUDr. DK Soren(Anaesthesiology)
Prof RC Samantray(Anaesthesiology) 
Faculty and Residents in Medicine, Pediatrics,
RNTCP updateNodal State faculties 23
Faculties and Postgraduates in Pediatrics, CM and Pulmonary medicine
5Workshop22-04-2018Acute Flaccid paralysisDr. AK Sahu. Surveillance Medial Officer-WHO Odisha. 24
Faculty residents in Ortho, Neurology, Medicine, Pediatrics
6Workshop (24-25-26)-10-2017Revised basic course workshop on METVIMSAR METU30 faculties of VIMSAR12 
CME credit hours
7Workshop (12-13-14-15)-09-2017How to write a thesis synopsisVIMSAR METU97 Postgraduates in batches12 
CME credit hours
8Workshop13-10-2017Advance Neonatal resuscitation Protocol; IAP National faculty   of IAP24 Postgraduates in Pediatrics and OG8
CME credit hours
9Monthly Integrated Institute CME06-07-2017Pre operative Cardiac EvaluationDr. SK Sharma(Cardiology)All faculty and Postgraduates---
10Monthly Integrated Institute CME28.04.2017Mortality review meetDr. S Pothal, Pulmonary MedicineAll faculty and Postgraduates---
11Staff Academic Society31.03.2017DepressionDr. R Shukla, AOP, PsychiatryAll faculty and Postgraduates---
12Staff Academic Society28.02.2017Internal Fixation :The latestDr. B Tudu, Professor, Ortho.All faculty and Postgraduates---
13Staff Academic Society31.01.2017The Future Human FaceDr. Bijay Dutta, Professor , AnatomyAll faculty and Postgraduates---


Sl.ParticipantsDateTopicSpeakerCredit Hour
1Staff Academic Society06.07.2017Pre operative Cardiac EvaluationDr. S Sharma,
AOP, Cardiology
2Staff Academic Society28.04.2017Departmental Mortality review meetDr. S Pothal, AOP, Pulmonary Medicine---
3Staff Academic Society31.03.2017DepressionDr. R Shukla, AOP, Psychiatry---
4Staff Academic Society28.02.2017Internal Fixation :The latestDr. B Tudu, Professor, Ortho.---
5Staff Academic Society31.01.2017The Future Human FaceDr. Bijay Dutta, Professor , Anatomy---



DatesThemeMCI Credit hours
12.02.2016Workshop on ‘biomedical waste management’ for 120 faculty and staff
17.02.2016  Workshop on ‘Acute Flaccid Paralysis’ for 45faculty and postgraduates in Pediatrics, Neurology, Medicine, Orthopedics 
07.03.2016  Workshop on ‘Sickle Cell Management’ for 64 postgraduates in Medicine, Pediatrics ,OG and Surgery.
20.04.2016[4 credit hours by MCI]
Workshop on ‘how to write a research proposal ‘for 40 faculties
18.06.2016 Workshop on ‘ICD-10’ for 40 faculty
30.06.2016CME on ‘The baby , the bug and better health’ for 150 faculty at Staff Academic Society.
28-29/07/2016[8 credit hours by MCI]
Workshop on ‘how to write a thesis synopsis’ for 80 postgraduates
30.08.2016CME on ‘Tackling Depression’ for 150 faculty at Staff Academic Society.
28.09.2016  CME on ‘ADR Reporting’ for 200 faculty at Staff academic society.
30.10.2016CME on ‘How to be 100 not out ‘  for 120 faculty at Staff academic society.
30.11..2016CME on ‘Common Pitfalls In Transfusion Practice’ for 110 faculty at Staff academic society.
04.12.2016CME on ‘Rota virus vaccine’ for 35 faculties and students
18.12.2016CME on ‘Vitamin D-the new miracle pill ‘ for 50 students and staff.

Medical Education Technology Unit VIMSAR

Name of the MEU coordinator                       Prof. Sabita Mohapatra
HOD- PG dep. Of Pharmacology.VIMSAR
Affiliated facultyProf. BK Dutta. Dean & Principal, Chairman
Dr. BG Rath- Coordinator; Prof BM Mishra , Member;
Prof, SK Ghosh, Member; Prof . S Bhagat Member;
Dr SC Panda, Member; Dr PC Panda, Member; 
Dr. SK Pradhan ,Member; Dr MR Giri , Member; 
Dr. M Sar, Member; Dr. S Panda, Member; 
Dr. S. Nayak ,Member; Dr. RK Nanda, Member;
MCI Regional(Nodal) CentreRegional Center
MEU, SCB Medical College, Cuttack, Odisha
Orientation programme and Basic Course Workshop organizedBasic course workshop
29-31/01/2014-Batch-1 30 persons
Details & Duration of Workshops in Medical Education Technology conducted by MEU2015-16 : Workshop on basic medical research methodology for 80 postgraduates
2015-16 : Workshop on thesis writing and medical publication for 80 postgraduates
2015-16:   Workshop on how to write a thesis synopsis protocol for 80 postgraduates
2015-16:  Workshop on how to write a research proposal for 40 faculties
Details of faculty who have undergone basic course workshop in Medical Education Technology at the allocated MCI Regional Centre12
Details of faculty who have undergone advanced course workshop in Medical Education Technology at the allocated MCI Regional Centre1
Feedback evaluation of workshops and action taken reports on the basis of feedback obtainedYes